My Worlds Collide — Pandas and Memory Foam

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Of course you know by now, I LOVE pandas and, over the years, I have collected a lot of stuffed pandas (17 or 18 and counting!). Once, I even had a panda/princess birthday party. But you may not know that  part of my life has always been memory foam.

Before I was born, Daddy  started a business selling memory foam. He is still selling memory foam mattress and topper pads, because they help him sleep better.  He had a horrible back injury, skiing down a too-hard slope, falling and cracking his back almost in two, when he was at college. He had a lot of  trouble sleeping without pain until he found memory foam. He got so into researching the whole memory foam thing, that he decided to put together a guide to memory foam and memory foam mattresses to teach people about why memory foam works the way it does, what to look for when buying it, etc.

So I’ve always had lots of  memory foam tchotchkies around that I love — like a topper pad I use, (it’s  really cozy and comfortable), and we have a bunch of my dad’s samples that we’ve used for all sorts of stuff (from padding for our red wagon to little beds we’ve made for our stuffed animals and dolls).

So imagine my delight when I ran across this really cute Panda pillow made from memory foam when I was looking around one day on the web.


They also had a bunch of other really cute animals available as memory foam pillows, although they seemed to not have most in stock, I guess everybody liked them as much as me!

I really liked was the penguin and the monkey memory foam pillows:

penguin_memory_foam_pillow monkey_memory_foam_pillow

I have a similar pillow at home, Panda Pillow, that I got years ago at our local summer festival.  It folds into a stuffed panda, and then unfolds as a pillow.  But it isn’t stuffed with memory foam. too bad!  — maybe I’ll just have to get some of my dad’s sample foam and see if I can somehow make one of my own.

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