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Natural Latex mattress — an eco-friendly bed

December 27th, 2015

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about eco-friendly ways to do things — especially since one of the Pandas most pressing problems is loss of habitat.

And one of the most important ways that we can help the environment is to use sustainable materials in all aspects of our daily life.

One aspect of my life that I’ve been looking at lately has been my mattress. Currently, I use a layered mattress with a foam base, a middle layer of natural latex (made from the sap of the rubber tree), and a top layer of memory foam.

And while I find it very comfortable, I’ve been wanting to try a fully natural bed, so my dad got me one to try out that is made only of layers of natural latex.

Unlike foam, natural latex is made of a sustainable material since it is made from rubber tree sap. The details of how this gets made is kind of tedious (if you are interested in in-depth information about all the ins and outs of latex mattresses, check out my dad’s latex mattress buyer’s guide on his Healthy Foundations website, but the important part is that since it comes from growing trees it is eco-friendly compared to most materials used in a bed (compare this to foam, which is an a petrochemical based product, or steel springs which are made from mined materials, etc).

Beyond that, though, all natural latex (as opposed to the more common synthetic latex), is non-toxic and doesn’t off gass like other common materials used to made standard innerspring beds. And I think this is important since we spend so much time on our beds — they say you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping!

So I’m going to test out this all natural latex mattress, and hopefully I’ll love it.