Help Save The Giant Pandas

Giant Pandas are very, very special to me – they are my favorite animal. I want to try to help them try to survive because they are an endangered species.
I am a 8 year old girl, and I’ve been a Panda lover for most of my life. I think Giant Pandas are special because they have cute little pink babies. I’m sad that they are endangered – that there is only a certain number left in the wild. Zoos are trying to help, but there still aren’t that many Pandas.

I told my Dad that I wanted to help the Giant Pandas, and he helped me to do this website. My goal is to help spread the word about the Panda and help them be saved. And to help raise money for saving the Giant Pandas, we have set up an online store, Pandas Are Precious Store, to sell different products (t-shirts, mugs, caps) with my drawing of a happy baby Panda holding a bright red umbrella. I am donating half of all the money I make on these products to help save the Pandas.